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Many of us associates the pumpkin mainly with the big, orange halloween pumpkins we see during autumn. But it is also a tasty vegetable that is easy to grow. Moreover, it can be stored for a long time. 

New England Pie, organic seeds

Retzer Gold, organic seeds

Howden, organic seeds

Long Pie, organic seeds

Lady Godiva, organic seeds


The marrow is a vigorous climber, botanically in the same group as summer squash. Its peel is harder, however, and it can be stored much longer. A few kinds have been classified as C. pepo (winter squash). The fruits are usually from pale-yellow to orange in colour and can grow very large. There are many records of several hundred kg. Here in the North we have, however, chiefly grown the oblong light yellow forms.
The pumpkin is not quite as heat loving as squash or cucumber but is grown in the same way.