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Perennial vegetables

Perennial vegetables are, just as they sound, vegetables that return year after year without having to re-sow them. There are a number of advantages to giving space in the garden to edible perennials: they are easy to care for, often rich in nutrients and they are resistant to both weather, disease and pest attacks.

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Grow your own cut flowers

Runåbergs Fröer tips!

In recent years, it has bloomed more and more in Swedish gardens and beds - growing your own cut flowers has become a whole movement. Are you also eager to start? In this article, Runåbergs Fröer's own flower experts Barbro and Sara share their best tips!

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Who will have power over the seeds?

About open-pollinated varieties and F1 hybrids

In our assortment, you will not find any F1 hybrids at all, but only seeds for so-called open-pollinated varieties. In this article we explain why.

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Gift boxes

A gift that brings joy for a long time

Season 2024 we offer four different gift boxes with seed varieties that are extra close to our hearts.

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New varieties 2024

Thoroughly tested by us

Every year we sample a variety of vegetables, flowers and spices in the hope of finding new nuggets of gold. Here we present this year's varieties that have qualified for the assortment. We hope you will also find some new favourites!

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Meet our local seed growers

We at Runåbergs are convinced that more locally produced seeds make us better equipped for the future. That is why we collaborate with several seed growers in the Nordics. Here you can meet some of them and read about their important work.

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Curious about green manure?

A simple way to take care of both soil and plants

Green manure is a cultivation method that more and more people are opening their eyes to. But what does that actually mean? Here we have collected tips and advice for those of you who want to try green manure.

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Heirloom varieties at Runåbergs

“Heirloom variety” – what does it actually mean? In this article, we explain how we use the heirloom-label here at Runåbergs Fröer, and why we think the term should not be watered down.

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Gift card for seeds

Here you can buy a digital or physical gift card from us to give away as a gift.

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Variety list

Here you can order our variety list in paper form.

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Runåberg's guest Meny

Theme seeds in the P1-program Meny

In November 2020, Runåbergs Fröers founder Johnny Andreasson was a guest on the radio program Meny in P1 for a conversation about seeds. Listen to the episode here!

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At Runåbergs

How it all began

In the fall of '82, we started Runåbergs Fröer on the mountain by Runån in Ångermanland. 40 years later, we are still just as convinced that organic farming in various forms is a prerequisite for the earth's survival.

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