In recent years, more and more companies have shown an intrest in being a reseller of our seeds. If you are interested in selling our seeds in your business or organisation, please contact us.

As a reseller you get 25 % in discount (calculated on the regular prize) on each portion packs when ordering at least 5 bags of each variety. 

Good to know

- We always prioritize delivery to dealers as quickly as possible.
- If you order less than 5 portion packs / variety, there will be no discount on this items.
- We have no discount on weights packs, books or implements, but only portion packs.
- We do not accept any returns, so please order a little less and several times instead.
- Shipping expences will be added when ordering.
- We reserve the right to change to the nearest variety if the variety ordered is out of stock.
  If you do not want this, please let us know when ordering.
- Unfortunately, we do not have exposure shells or signs.
- By becomming a reseller you are agreering to our terms.

Welcome to contact us via mail ( or phone (0303-777140) and please briefly describe your business and why you want to sell our seeds.

Big thanks!