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Pot maker


The pot maker is for making paper pots. Wind a strip of newsprint 2 turns around the upper part of the pot maker.The paper strip should be a little wider (about 10.5-11cm) than the pot maker and folded in at the bottom before it is pressed into the bottom plate. The shape of the bottom plate makes the pot fixed and sturdy, 7 cm tall and 6 cm wide. One should put several pots together in a box to help each other keep shape.  We have made thousands of pots with the potmaker and used them for sowing and pre-cultivating plants for among others cucumber-, squash-, leek-, tomato-, herb- and flower plants. The whole pot is set down in the soil, no paper should be visible. Common newsprint is not dangerous and it gets eaten by the little creepy, crawly things in the soil within a week. The pot maker is made of beech-wood by Ulrik Mangold of Laholm, Sweden.


Product number:T92
F1 Hybrid:No
New variety:No
Heirloom variety:No