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Runner Bean

Phaseolus coccineus

Runner beans are grown for their red, orange, pink or white flowers and their long, tasty pods. The runner bean is not self-pollinating like other beans, but must get help from insects. 

Prizewinner, organic seeds

White Emergo, organic seeds


The British people's beloved runner bean is also called scarlet runner bean or multiflora bean. It is grown for both the sake of its red-orange-rose-white flowers and tasty pods. The vigorous plants bloom copiously and long and the pods which are very long and filling have an exquisite taste. The pods are rougher than that of other beans and are usually cut along their length before cooking. Do not allow runner beans to become overgrown.

They are hardier than most beans and are rarely attacked by diseases. The runner bean is not self-pollinating like other beans and must have help from insects. The seed is large and usually very beautiful.