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Shiso - Perilla

    Perilla crispa/frutescens
belongs to the Labiate family with small light-violet flowers in corymbs. It is an Asian annual, about 50 cm tall bush (100 cm in green houses) with green serrated leaves or slightly fringed and deep violet red in the red variant. This is a common plant in all of Asia. It is grown as an aromatic kitchen-, herb-, medicinal- and garnish plant. The leaves have a special taste resembling curry and are used fresh or dried in soups, salads, preserves, tempura etc. Seeds and inflorescences are used too.

SOWING: Sow about 0,5 cm deep in April. The slow to germinate seeds, usually sprout better after 3 weeks in a refrigerator sown in light soil. Keep 25-30 cm between the plants!

SEEDS: 1200 seeds/g.