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Cherokee Purple, organic seeds

Eco New variety


A large, tall growing beefsteak tomato. The 300-450g fruits have a somewhat irregular shape and a dark pink skin that often turns green at the attachment. Inside you are struck by the deep purple color and the juicy meat. The taste is among the best with both sweetness, acidity and a delicate spiciness with a faint hint of smokiness. Cherokee Purple was cultivated by the Cherokee people in America a long time ago, but it was not until 1991 that the variety was registered.

A portion contains about 20 seeds. 


Product number:7378
Scientific name:Solanum lycopersicum
Botanic family:The Nightshade Family - Solanaceae
F1 Hybrid:No
New variety:Yes
Sowing time:Pre-cultivate: February–April
Sowing depth:1 cm
Germination temperature:22-27°C
Germination time:7-14 days
Plant spacing:35-55 cm
Row spacing:50-70 cm
Height:150-200 cm
Plant location:Sun
Seeds/g:300-350 frön
Other:Prune suckers
Heirloom variety:No

Cultivation advice


Sow indoors just under 1 cm deep 8-10 weeks before setting out, in February-March for cool green houses and in March April for outdoors tomatoes! The best germination temperature is 22-27°C. Let the plants stand in a light airy place and after sprouting preferably at a temperature of 18-20°C. After getting a few real leaves the sprouts should be planted in pots. The temperature can now be lowered further.

Temper the plants successively before setting out. Do not set the plants outdoors before the risk of nightly frost is over and the nightly temperature keeps above 7°C! Plant them a little deeper then they were in the pots and never allow them to dry out. Tomatoes get roots on the stems if they are allowed to get under the soil so overgrown plants can be planted lying with just the top above the earth. However, tomatoes which have been sown and set out too early often get disturbed while growing and that causes lanky plants and a bad crop of tomatoes. Do not hurry too much with your sowing if you do not have a really good "nursery".


Tomatoes need a mutual distance of 35-55 cm and 50-70 cm between rows. 


Pick the tomatoes when they are fully ripe and warm from the sun! If there is risk of frost before all the tomatoes have ripened it is okay to let them after ripen indoors in a dark, cool (8-12°C) place. The whole de-leaved plant can also be hung upside down indoors and harvested gradually. Green tomatoes can be preserved or used for marmalade or fried.  Tomatoes can also be frozen in pieces like peppers and chillies, without parboiling for sauces and casseroles in the future.


300-350 seeds/g. About 5 g for 1000 seedlings.

A portion contains about 20 seeds.