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Bells of Ireland, organic seeds

Eco New variety


Also called the Bells of Ireland. Has despite the name, its home around the Caucasus, Turkey and Syria. It has small white flowers with olive green funnel-shaped linings. They create dense rows with long, stiff stems of 60-70 cm. Harvest for bouquets or dry bouquets before the lowest flowers show signs of wilting. The leaves are usually removed before drying. The seeds may need to be stratified before sowing indoors in March-April. They can also be sown directly on the plant site in April/May.

One portion contains 50 seeds.


Product number:685
Scientific name:Moluccella laevis
Botanic family:Lamiaceae
F1 Hybrid:No
New variety:Yes
Sowing time:Mars - April
Sowing depth:0,2 cm
Germination temperature:2w cold, room temp.
Germination time:20-40 days
Plant spacing:20–30 cm
Plant location:Sun
Harvest/blooming:June - Sep
Seeds/g:150-170 Seeds
Other:Stratify, Light germinating
Heirloom variety:No

Cultivation advice


Needs to be stratified for 2 weeks in the fridge, then roomtemperature. Can also be sown in the spring outside when it's still cold in the nights and warmer days. 


One portion contains 50 seeds.