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Great Burnet, organic seeds



On long, lanky stems, small, dark reddish-brown flowers sit in a small bundle. The perennial plant is bushy and likes to be moist but still well-drained. It grows large in sun or partial shade.

The serrated leaves are edible and have a taste reminiscent of cucumber. It is also called blood still as it has traditionally been used as a medicinal plant, including as a tea to promote digestion. Fresh, peeled roots have also been used on minor burns to relieve and counteract inflammation.

Sow shallow indoors in early spring. If the seeds have not germinated within 1-2 months, they may need stratification (cold treatment) to wake up.

One portion contains 40 seeds


Product number:842
Scientific name:Sanguisorba officinalis
Botanic family:The Rose Family - Rosaceae
F1 Hybrid:No
New variety:No
Sowing time:Feb-April/ Sep-Nov
Sowing depth:0,5 cm
Germination time:1-8 months
Plant spacing:35 cm
Height:60 cm
Plant location:Sun–partial shade
Other:Stratified at spring sowing
Heirloom variety:No

Cultivation advice


Spring sowing: Sow very shallow and place in the fridge for a few weeks. Then place them in room temperature or outside in the spring. 
Autumn sowing: Sow outside in pots and put them in a shady place where they not get disturbed by animals. They will grow in the spring. 


Keep 35 cm between plants


Blooms from June to August. 


One portion contains 50 seeds