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Product number:9247
Scientific name:Pisum sativum var. saccharatum
Botanic family:Fabaceae
Days to maturity:55
F1 Hybrid:No
New variety:Yes
Sowing time:April–July
Sowing depth:3-4 cm
Germination temperature:10-25°C
Germination time:7-10 days
Plant spacing:5-8 cm
Row spacing:35-50 cm
Height:100-120 cm
Plant location:Sun
Seeds/g:2-4 seeds
Heirloom variety:No

Cultivation advice


Mangetout peas are sown as soon as the soil is ready and then continually from spring through summer. Sow the peas about 3 cm deep, possibly a little deeper when sowing in summer because of the need for moisture.


Sow with a space of 5-8 cm between the plants and 35-50 cm between the rows. Peas can also be sown in double rows of 10-15 cm between the rows or scattered in broad bands. Tall and medium tall sorts need something to climb on.


The mangetout is harvested before the seeds have developed appreciably.
Peas tolerate 1 degree or 2 of frost in autumn but easily become spotted and loose their crispness after a few nights of frost. All kinds of peas are eaten fresh, boiled or fried etc. They can also be dried, frozen or preserved.


1 g contains about 2-4 seedsOne portion contains about 40 seeds and sows 2-3 metres. 900 g for 100 m.