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Edamame Green Shell, organic seeds



Squeezing alightly boiled edamame bean with a dash of salt flakes through your teeth andextracting the delicious, shiny green beans from inside the pods is equallyfascinating each time. Green, fresh soybeans is an easy grown treat, which ismore often seen on our plates. Growing ripen yellow soybeans has been achallenge in Scandinavia for a long time. Early varieties, such as Fiskeby V orEnvy, succeed in the southern parts given a warm and sunny summer. Nevertheless, edamame beans, which are harvested unripe, has a good chance of delivering afine crop even if the season hasn’t been ideal for growing beans. A portion contains about 40 seeds and sows 12-16 metres. Organic seeds.


Product number:8495
Scientific name:Glycine max
Botanic family:The Bean Family - Fabaceae
Days to maturity:70
F1 Hybrid:No
New variety:No
Sowing time:June
Sowing depth:3–5 cm
Germination time:7–10 days
Plant spacing:30–40 cm
Row spacing:45–60 cm
Height:60–70 cm
Plant location:Sun
Seeds/g:2–4 seeds
Other:Sow in warm soil 
Heirloom variety:No

Cultivation advice


One cannot sow too early, for if the seeds are to germinate and not rot, the soil must be warmed up to at least 12oC, preferably 16oC for un-disinfected seeds. Sow the beans 3-5 cm deep!


Keep 30-40 cm between the plants and 45-60 cm between the rows! The rows can be closer together in beds, but be careful. Beans should grow in an airy manner. If the climate is damp it is better to choose a wider distance between the plants and the rows. The Bean spot disease, a common fungal disease, can easily hit the plants, especially if they grow to close together.


Harvest the pods before they are ripe. 


2-3 seeds/g.