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Borlotto Lingua di Fuoco, organic seeds

Eco Heirloom



Product number:8590
Scientific name:Phaseolus vulgaris
Botanic family:Fabaceae
Days to maturity:65
F1 Hybrid:No
New variety:No
Sowing time:June
Sowing depth:3–5 cm
Germination time:7–10 days
Plant spacing:10–15 cm
Row spacing:35–50 cm
Height:200–300 cm
Plant location:Sun
Seeds/g:2–4 seeds
Other:Sow in warm soil 
Heirloom variety:Yes

Cultivation advice


One cannot sow too early, for if the seeds are to germinate and not rot, the soil must be warmed up to at least 12oC, preferably 16oC for un-disinfected seeds. Sow the beans 3-5 cm deep!


Keep 10-15 cm between the plants and 30-50 cm between the rows! The rows can be closer together in beds, but be careful. Beans should grow in an airy manner. If the climate is damp it is better to choose a wider distance between the plants and the rows. The Bean spot disease, a common fungal disease, can easily hit the plants, especially if they grow to close together.


The shelling bean is a neglected vegetable, which can be enjoyed in almost all the stages of its development not just as "brown beans". The pods are used as haricots verts and the seeds when they have swelled but not matured are used in dishes by themselves or in casseroles, soups etc. They are excellent for preserving and freezing.

They are usually hardy and fast, but to get completely ripe, dry beans in central and northern Sweden, they should be grown under some form of protective sheet in most summers. A stretch of 10 meters yields at least 7-10 hg dry beans for winter storage.


2-4 seeds/g. 1 portion contains about 40 seeds and sows 4-6 meters. 400-600 g is needed for 100 meters and 7-13 kg for 1000 m2.