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Glaskins, organic seeds

Eco Heirloom


Is an English rhubarb with lower contents of oxalic acid then most sorts. The wine-red stems can be harvested for a long time. This is an excellent sort for seed propagation. Glaskin's grows so fast that an early spring sowing can provide a small taste already during the autumn of the first year. A portion contains about 50 seeds.


Product number:9550
Scientific name:Rheum rhabarbarum
Botanic family:The Knotweed Family - Polygonaceae
F1 Hybrid:No
New variety:No
Sowing time:April–June
Sowing depth:2 cm
Germination time:7–20 days
Plant spacing:10 cm small plants, 120 cm full grown plants
Row spacing:120 cm
Height:50–80 cm
Plant location:Sun–Half shade
Seeds/g:50–100 seeds
Heirloom variety:Yes

Cultivation advice


Rhubarb is usually propagated with pieces of root in autumn or early spring, but it can be sown directly outdoors too or indoors for setting out later. During a seedling's first winter outdoors it should be protected against black frost by a cover of hay, straw, grass or leaves.  


Adult plants need a mutual space of about 120 cm. After a direct sowing the seedlings should be thinned out to 10 cm to be replanted next spring at greater distance.


Normally, the harvest doesn't begin until the second, sometimes the third year after sowing. The stem of the leaf should be coaxed off and pulled out. This does the least damage to the root. If the plant is growing well a second crop can be taken until August. To prolong the harvest cut off the flower stalk when it is shooting up.


About 100 seeds/g. One portion contains about 50 seeds.