Lucullus, organic seeds



Is grown for both its production of small leaves and as common white beet. The leaves are tall, upright and slightly crumpled and the stem is of medium width. The colour is a fresh light-yellowish-green with lighter veins. Lucullus can handle some frost and yields quite a large crop. A portion contains about 200 seeds.


Product number:6630
Scientific name:Beta vulgaris var. cicla
Botanic family:The Beet Family - Chenopodiaceae
Days to maturity:50
F1 Hybrid:No
New variety:No
Heirloom variety:No

Cultivation advice


Sow directly in open ground, 1-2 cm deep when the soil has become a bit warmer. If sown too early in cold soil, the amount of bolting increases.


Between plants 10-20 cm and 35-50 cm between rows.


Break off the outer leaves at the base, when needed. The leaves are generally used as spinach and the thick stalks can be cooked like asparagus. Chard can be harvested well into autumn and frozen after parboiling or dried in low heat. Covered with organic material, it can overwinter in a large part of the country and provide an early spring harvest before it begins to flower. Small fresh leaves are good raw.


1 g contains 50-70 seeds. A portion sows several metres. For 100 metres, 30-40 g is needed.
A portion contains about 200 seeds