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SM 6 Algae Extract


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SM6 (Sea-Magic 6) is a very concentrated extract of sea-weed, which is made from choice algae sorts. The algae are harvested in the Atlantic outside the coasts of Great Britain and a both stimulating and fungal control preparation is made, wholly without chemical additions. Seaweed (algae, tang), which have been used for thousands of years in farming, make an excellent biological fertilizer. SM3 contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and impressive amounts of micro nutrients and trace elements and also important growth hormones and amino acids, among others cyto-chinins and betains. These elements play an important part in cell division and the production of chlorophyll and proteins. Betains also assists the plants to be less affected by drought and light frost.   
SM6, besides its beneficial effect on the health of the plants, also deters some insects, for example green flies and red spiders and chiefly prevents the development of many fungal and bacterial diseases.
When SM6 is sprayed on the land the activity of the microbes is increased. This leads to better structure and access to nutrients for the plants, which in their turn, if showered with extracts of algae, secrete more from their roots and thereby supply food for the mycchoriza fungi. They in their turn release nutrients which the plants can use. 
SM6 acts positively on leaves and roots of everything from apples to squash. The resistance and quality of the plants is improved generally. The potato crop gets larger and the harvesting time of peas and beans is prolonged. All leaf plants get a clearer and more beautiful colour and their keeping qualities increase. Especially those plants which were coastal plants originally like the cabbage family, celery etc. appreciate showers of SM3 especially if they are grown in the interior.
SM6 goes further than most other extracts of algae and is used one to four times during the season. It works the best if sprayed often and a little at a time. SM6 can be mixed with other biological sprays and makes these more efficient in most cases.
Full instructions comes with every package. SM6 is not poisonous and its strength can be varied without harmful effects as long as it is diluted at least 1:20. SM6 can be kept for several years in a cool place. 150 ml sprays 150m2 several times during the season, 1 liter (2 pints) for 1000m2 etc. There are directions for use in every package.

Due to Brexit, we can no longer sell the algae extract as organic, but it is exactly the same product as before.


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