Monarda didyma
belongs to the Labiateae family and comes from North America originally where the Amerindians have used it for a long time as herb and medicinal plant. It is also a much appreciated decorative plant of several variants. The bee balm is a perennial, very beautiful, red-, pink- violet flowering, fragrant plant, much loved by bumble bees and bees.The leaves can be used in salads, jam and jelly, for tea and potpourri, fresh or dried. The flowers are excellent for cutting as well.

SOWING: Sow shallowly indoors in April and set out with 40 cm of mutual space! Divide the plant every 3 years and replant since it dies in the middle.

SEEDS: About 2000 seeds/g.
Lila Temynta, ekofrö

Lila Temynta, ekofrö