Levisticum officinale
belongs to the Umbel family and is originally from Southern Europe and it has been used as seasoning herb and love potion herb for several thousand years. It is a perennial, vigorous and hardy plant, 1.5-2 m tall. Lovage has an aromatic  fragrance and taste. Leaves, stalks, seeds and roots are used fresh, and dried they are excellent seasoning herbs and medicine. Lovage can replace stock in many dishes. Old plants loose some of their taste.

SOWING: Lovage germinates unevenly and should be pre-cultivated in April. Sow 1-2 cm deep and make sure the seeds stay moist. Wait until after the last frost to set out

SEEDS: 300 seeds/g, one portion yields 40-50 seedlings. Keep 40-60 cm between the plants!
Libsticka, ekofrö

Libsticka, ekofrö