Ruta graveolens
of the Rutaceae family comes from southern Europe and North Africa originally and has long been used as a medicinal plant according to the principle Evil shall be banished by Evil. Rue is slightly poisonous and the juice could cause irritation to the skin of a sensitive person. It is more of a decorative plant than an appreciated herb. Rue is a perennial, about 30-60 cm tall, very beautiful half-bush with dark-green, deep cut clover leaves and yellow-green flowers. Rue is the most hardy when growing in well drained, meagre, limy soil. It is used in many recipes for medical preparations but rarely in cooking, perhaps a few leaves in salads or a little with cheese, eggs, fish and hen. Rue has a strong and bitter aroma. It should be wintered frost-free but is hardy to some frost if covered.

SOWING: It should be pre-cultivated in April, 20-30 cm of mutual space

SEEDS: 500 seeds/g, one portion yields at least 50 seedlings.
Vinruta, ekofrö

Vinruta, ekofrö