Upland Cress

    Barbarea verna
is bi-annual and belongs to the cruciferous family. It comes from Europe originally and has been used as herb and vegetable since ancient times. Its taste is mild resembling water cress but without the latter"™s pure, fresh bite. U.C. is easy to grow, can take drought and doesn"™t bloom. Barbarea creates a large (15-20 cm), quite dense rosette of dark-green, shiny, rounded leaves. Harvest the leaves continually far into autumn or sow in batches. It is a rare thing for it to survive the winter outdoors here, but it can winter as a potted plant in a cool window or in a green house.

SOWING: Sow shallowly directly outdoors from April-May and keep the sowing damp until sprouting. Thin out!  

SEEDS: 700-900 seeds/g, one portion yields at least 100 seedlings.
Vinterkrasse, ekofrö

Vinterkrasse, ekofrö