Sweet Cicely

    Myrrhis odorata
belongs to the Umbel family and is a perennial, large and vigorous plant which is very hardy and often self-sows itself. It prefers moisture-retaining, nutrient-rich soil, in a somewhat shadowy place preferably.  The whole plant is used because of its nutty sweet flavour, unripe and ripe seeds in desserts, leaves in salads, omelettes, soups, stews, together with sour rhubarb, gooseberries etc. The root is enjoyed fresh or cooked. Sweet Cicely is mildly anti-septic and good for the digestion. 

SOWING: The seeds loose their germination ability very soon and should be sown in autumn, preferably or really early in spring. They need a period of cold to germinate. If sowing at the usual time for spring sowing, the sowing can be indoors for a month and then another month in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator.

20 seeds/g.
Spansk körvel, ekofrö

Spansk körvel, ekofrö