Ramsons (Wild Garlic)

      Allium ursinum
Belongs to the onion family. An annual (sometimes biennial) onion relative that grows wild in shady, moist and nutrient-rich top soil, especially in decidious forests. It is quite rare, but when it thrives, it can occur in large populations covering the ground in spring.
Wild garlic is harvested in spring and early summer, is 15-45 cm high and has, unlike the chives, large broad leaves and white flowers. Everything can be used: the elongated bulb, the leaves and also flower stalks with closed buds. It has a nice, mild garlic flavour and similar medicinal properties. It's propagated by seeds and bulbs.

SOWING: The seeds need to be brought out of suspension with cold spells. Either directly sown in the autumn or very early spring. For normal spring sowing, some weeks in the refrigerator's freezer compartment, sown in light soil, will make the seeds believe that it has been winter.

SEEDS: 1 g is about 150 seeds.
Ramslök, ekofrö

Ramslök, ekofrö