Burnet Salad

    Sanguisorba minor
belongs to the Rose family, Rosaceae, and is growing wild in most parts of Europe, southern-most Sweden too. This is a perennial, very hardy and beautiful plant with its small serrated leaves and graceful shape. The flowers are gathered in small red-green balls on top of stems which grow taller than the foliage.  This plant continues to yield a rich crop of new tender leaves if the flower-stalk and old leaves are cut away.
The tender, cucumber-tasting, Vitamin C rich leaves are used in salads, soups, casseroles, tea etc. They dry well for winter.

SOWING: Sow shallowly (light-germinating) in a plot in April-May! Thin out to 35 cm of mutual space!

SEEDS: 100 seeds/g, one portion yields at least 50 seedlings.
Pimpinell, ekofrö

Pimpinell, ekofrö