Mexican Tarragon

    Tagetes lucida
belongs to the composite family. A beloved child has many names, it is also called Sweet Mace, Texas Tarragon or Mexican Mint Marigold. In all of Latin America, where its origins are, it is a well-known plant which is used as herb and tea and also medicinally as stimulant, diuretic and digestive aid.
The leaves are a shiny dark-green, a little wider than those of Tarragon with a very marked flavour and aroma of French Tarragon with some aroma of liquorice added. They are suitable for salads and cooking, chiefly fish- and potato dishes. Both leaves and flowers are used for tea fresh or dried. This plant grows upright until 40-60 cm tall with a group of small orange Tagetes flowers on top. It is perennial but is affected by our winters. M.T. can winter over indoors if grown as a potted plant.

SOWING: Sow the seeds indoors in March-April and set out when the risk of frost is over! Distance between plants is 30 cm.

SEEDS: 1300 seeds/g, one portion yields about 100 seedlings.
Mexikansk Dragon

Mexikansk Dragon