Lemon Balm

Melissa officinalis

Of the labiate family and originally from the Mediterranean countries. It is also called Heart"™s Delight and was used against depression by the Greeks in Antiquity. This is a half bush growing 30-40cm tall. The leaves have a fresh lemon-like taste and scent, excellent for bee fodder. They thrive in warm and sunny places, preferably with some shadow at noon. They winter over in the whole country, the North excepted where some cover is advisable. Lemon balm should be renewed every 3 years for its taste"™s sake by re-sowing or dividing up the plants. Harvest the shoots and leaves just before they begin to bloom for tea, herbs etc! This herb keeps its taste well after drying.

SOWING: Lemon balm should be pre-grown. Sow the small black seeds shallowly and be careful so they don\'t dry. The seedlings are affected by frost, so wait to set out until the risk of frost is over. Keep 25-35 cm between the plants.

SEEDS: 2000 seeds/g, one portion yields at least 100 seedlings.

Citronmeliss, ekofrö

Citronmeliss, ekofrö