Pimpinella anisum
is umbel-flowering and has been used as herb and medicine for thousands of years. It comes from the Eastern Mediterranean area. The taste of the seeds resembles liquorice.

It is an annual, 30-50cm tall, graceful plant with beautiful white-rose umbels. Harvest and dry the seed umbels when the plant begins to wilt. Anise needs a long summer to get enough time for ripe seed. They are mostly used as bread spice and flavouring for Anisette, Pernod and Ouzo. Fresh leaves and flowers are used together with sweet fruits and nuts.

SOWING: Sow them directly in warm places, 1-2 cm deep,  but do soak them before sowing. They are sluggish while germinating.

SEEDS: 1 g contains 350 seeds. One portion is sufficient for 100 plants.

Anis, ekofrö

Anis, ekofrö