Humulus lupulus
is a perennial of the hemp-family which grows wild over large parts of Europe, Asia and Eastern North-America. It is extremely hardy and is able to survive the winters far up the North-land of Sweden. Hops have been used as sedatives and as anticeptic remedies since ancient times but today it is mostly grown as flavour for beer and as a truly grand decorative plant.
Hops are dioecious with different female and male plants. Only the female plants have medicinal properties and bear hop cones.
It is a fast climber which can grow 15-20 cm in a day up to 6 m always winding clockwise. Hops need the sun of deep nutritious soil and must have something to wind around, poles, a trellis, strings etc. They are easy to propagate with pieces of roots and cuttings.
280 seeds/g one portion contains about 50 seeds.

SOWING: The seeds are slow to germinate and the cold treatment could be beneficial in waking them up. Sow in a pot, 2 cm deep in porous soil and place the pot in the freezer for 2-3 weeks. Alternatively the seeds can be sown early in the spring directly where you want them.

SEEDS: 1 g contains about 280 seeds.