Arctium lappa var. edula
belongs to the Composite family and is a very common root vegetable in Asia, chiefly in China and Japan where it is used for both culinary and medicinal purposes. It is a must on the Japanese Christmas table. Burdock is comparable to Black Salsify (scorzonera) in looks and growing method. Its taste varies from site to site but resembles those of chard or spinach.  Burdock is easy to grow. Follow the method of growing Scorzonera but provide ample space, 30 cm of mutual space is good.  \"\"

The young stalks and leaves can be eaten as chard or spinach. The small roots, leaves and all, from thinning are delicacies. The deep roots must be dug up in autumn, cautiously, and stored in the same way as carrots. They can be allowed to winter outdoors and be harvested early the next year before beginning to bloom. If allowed to remain it becomes a large, decorative plant of violet thistle blossoms and prickly balls. The seeds in the balls can be germinated for sprouts, eaten raw or poached. Burdock is usually used peeled and boiled in many different dishes and preserves and on its own or with other vegetables.

About 100 seeds/g, one portion sows about 5 m, 20 g for 100m.
Takinogawa Long, ekofrö

Takinogawa Long, ekofrö