Alvro Mono, organic seeds

Beta vulgaris var. conditiva

This isa very early and uniform beetroot. The fastest in our trials the last twoyears. Usually a beetroot seed consists of a cluster of several seeds, whichgives many small plants in the same spot. When it comes to Alvro the seedcluster is separated to solitary seeds, which makes thinning unnecessary. Thebeet has a thin skin, is a bit flat-round and has a uniform dark violet flesh.The tasty foliage has dark red stalks and green leaves. A package containsabout 150 seeds. Organic seeds. 

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20 g175SEK
100 g495SEK

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Product number:6530

Latin name:Beta vulgaris var. conditiva

Botanic family:The Beet Family - Chenopodiaceae


Days to maturity:50


F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:No