QR compost activator

QR (Quick return) is a 100% biological compost preparation, which has been used and marketed by Chase Organics for almost 50 years. It is still used in composts today in small gardens as well as large farms the world over. After decades of experimentation during the 1920s-40s, Miss Maye E. Bruce succeeded in preparing a quick-acting herb preparation made from nettle, dandelion, camomile, valerian and yarrow plus oak bark, seaweed flour and honey. Miss Bruce, who was an English biodynamic practitioner, was very interested in compost and tried to find a simpler way to develop and speed up thetransformation of compost and thereby increase the use of good compost among growers. Her preparation is very efficient, easy to use and yields first class compost surprisingly fast. We do not consider QR to be a replacement for the common biodynamic compost preparations, but an excellent alternative for those growers who do not follow the biodynamic tradition. There are packets of QR to treat 2, 10 or 100 m3 of compost. Each packet contains a sheet of complete instructions in English. A Portion of QR is good for 3 cubic metre of compost.

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