Danvers 126, organic seeds

Daucus carota

This is the original Danvers half-long carrot introduced in 1871 in the U.S. and is still cultivated on a large scale. Several variants have been following over the years with long roots, narrow neck, earlier versions and large, late carrots for animal feed. Danvers is very uniform in size and perfectly conical with a medium width neck. Pull the soil up around them a bit to avoid the necks turning green. The root is about 17 cm in length. It is a typical autumn carrot with a juicy flesh and excellent storage characteristics. A portion contains about 600 seeds.

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5 g75SEK
20 g185SEK
100 g525SEK

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Product number:2230

Latin name:Daucus carota

Botanic family:The Parsley Family - Apiaceae


Days to maturity:75


F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:Yes

Sowing time:March-june/oct-nov

Sowing depth:1 cm

Plant spacing:2-6 cm

Row spacing:35-50 cm

Germination time:7-14 days

Height:30 cm

Plant location:Sun


Seeds/g:600-1000 seeds