Malabar Spinach

Basella rubra

Is a beautiful heat-loving liana with dark-green leaves,wine-red stems and pink flowers. Malabar-spinach is an excellent alternative to ordinary spinach. It easily winds itself 2-3 m up a support in a cool greenhouse or against a warm south- or southwest wall. The big meaty leaves and the young stems are used, stir-fried, quickly poached, steamed, but rarely raw. Sow the seeds indoors for planting, when the risk of frost is over and the land has warmed up. It needs support like the runner beans, and can be harvested several times during the season. It is also called Poi sag, Ceylon Spinach or Malabar Nightshade. A portion contains about 30 seeds.

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Product number:1355

Latin name:Basella rubra

Botanic family:The Madeira Vine Family - Basellaceae


Days to maturity:70


F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:No

Sowing time:Pre cultivate march-may

Sowing depth:2 cm

Plant spacing:25 cm

Row spacing:35-50 cm

Germination time:10-30 days

Height:200-300 cm

Plant location:Sun


Seeds/g:50 seeds