Hopi Red Dye

Amaranthus cruentus

Bloodamarant (Amaranthus cruentus). Beautiful, deep burgundy red "salad-amarant". It's enjoyed both as colourful small leaves and larger ones in salad mixes. Large leaves are boiled for a few minutes. The plant, which is an ornamental decoration in any cultivation, grows to about 150 cm tall and provides long, hanging burgundy "foxtail"-like flowers filled with tiny black, protein-rich seeds with a taste of honey. They are most often used in porridge, or popped and milled into flour. The leaves are highly nutritious and has three times as much vitamin C, 10 times more carotene, 15 times more iron and 40 times more calcium than tomatoes and 3 times more vitamin C, calcium and niacin than spinach. The Hopi indians used Red Dye for colouring bread, amongst others things. Hopi Red Dye is also excellent for cut flowers. One portion contains about 400 seeds. MOFGA-certified seed. See under Info etc. - Ecologically grown seeds.

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Product number:1235

Latin name:Amaranthus cruentus

Botanic family:The Amaranth Family - Amaranthaceae


Days to maturity:46


F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:No

Sowing time:Pre cultivate-april/direct-june-july

Sowing depth:0,5 cm

Plant spacing:20 cm

Row spacing:35-50 cm

Germination time:3-5 days


Plant location:Sun


Seeds/g:1250 seeds