Tom Thumb, organic seeds

Zea mays var. everta

Tom Thumb yields small dense cobs with lots of kernels on each. This is an improved strain of old American pop-corn maize. The plants are small, about 1 m, bearing 1-2 cobs which are 8-10 cm long. This is a extra early pop-corn maize and the plants can be grown closer together (15-20 cm) and ripen without protection in the southern parts of this country (Sweden). Further north it is safer to grow seedlings for setting out. The cobs should be allowed to remain on the stalk as long as possible in autumn (they can take ab. -1o C. of frost) and allowed to dry further indoors. The Tom Thumb seeds are small but still yield decently large pop-corn. A portion contains about 35 seeds.

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Product number:3080

Latin name:Zea mays var. everta

Botanic family:The Grass Family - Poaceae


Days to maturity:85


F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:No

Height:80-100 cm