Black Brandywine

Solanum lycopersicum

In a large taste test carried out in the US, the ”black”variety of Brandywine was selected as the undoubtedly tastiest. We agree. Thefruit is large, flat round, dark mahogany red with a greener neck. However, drycracks often appear around the stem scar. It’s not the most beautiful tomato,but the appearence is compensated by the fine taste. The flesh is juicy and witha perfect aroma. Black Brandywine grows high, gives a good crop and ispreferably cultivated in the greenhouse or a glass veranda. A package containsabout 20 seeds.

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1 g175SEK
5 g535SEK

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Product number:7393

Latin name:Solanum lycopersicum

Botanic family:The Nightshade Family - Solanaceae


Days to maturity:85


F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:No