Double Standard, organic seeds

Zea mays var. saccharata

Sweet Corn. Is a traditional, early, openly pollinated sweetcorn of 2 colours. It germinates better in cool soil than most sorts and is unaffected by less than fortunate weather in May. The cobs vary a little but are usually 17 cm long with 12 rows of yellow and white grains of corn. Completely yellow cobs do occur occasionally. Double Standard is an excellent sort which is tastier and crispier than average. If you save ripe seeds yourself you can get completely white, early corn, if you sow only the white ones. A portion contains about 30 seeds.

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Product number:3045

Latin name:Zea mays var. saccharata

Botanic family:The Grass Family - Poaceae


Days to maturity:73


F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:No

Height:140 cm.