Slätbladig, Plain Leaved 2, ekofrö

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Plain leaved is an original Italian parsley, with big flat dark-green, shiny leaves. The plant is large ab. 30 cm tall, really tastes of parsley and is the best one to freeze. A portion contains about 1000 seeds.


Product number:2860
Latin name:Petroselinum crispum
Botanic family:The Parsley Family - Apiaceae
Days to maturity:80
F1 Hybrid:No
New variety:No

Cultivation advice


Sow early at a depth of about 1 cm. The seeds germinate very slowly, especially in cold soil. (Ancient legend says that parsley had to go to hell 7 times before sprouting). To hurry up germination, put the seeds in tepid water for 24 hours before sowing. Dry them and sow! Watering the row is another method of speeding up germination. Sow at midsummer to get special parsley for wintering providing a very early harvest up to midsummer when the wintered plants want to begin blooming or sow really late in autumn for extra early sprouting in spring.


Thin out to 5-10 cm if you want really vigorous plants. If sowing thinly you can exclude the thinning out. The distance between rows should be 20-40 cm.


Pick the leaves gradually well into late autumn. Covered wintering plants yield an early spring harvest. Parsley tastes the best when fresh, but can be dried or frozen reasonably well. Especially the flat leaved varieties, like this one. 


600-800 seeds/g. One portion sows 5-8m. 300g sows 1000m2. A portion contains about 1000 seeds.