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Product number:9190
Latin name:Pisum sativum
Botanic family:Fabaceae
Days to maturity:72
F1 Hybrid:No
New variety:No
Height:150-200 cm.

Cultivation advice


Marrow peas can be sown gradually from spring to summer. Sow the peas about 3 cm deep, possibly a little deeper when sowing in summer because of the need for moisture.


Sow with a space of 5-8 cm between the plants and 35-50 cm between the rows. Peas can also be sown in double rows of 10-15 cm between the rows or scattered in broad bands. Tall and medium tall sorts need something to climb on.


Marrow peas are picked and shelled when the pods are fully ripe but not overgrown. Peas tolerate 1 degree or 2 of frost in autumn but easily become spotted and loose their crispness after a few nights of frost. All kinds of peas are eaten fresh, boiled or fried etc. They can also be dried, frozen or preserved.


1 g contains about 4 seedsOne portion contains about 50 seeds and sows 2,5-4 metres. 900 g for 100 m.