Vanlig, ekofrö

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Is an old reliable species of dill without a name of its own. It is easy to grow and hardy and yields the best harvest of dill heads. A portion contains about 700 seeds.


Product number:2750
Latin name:Anethum graveolens
Botanic family:The Parsley Family - Apiaceae
F1 Hybrid:No
New variety:No
Sowing time:April-June/October-November
Sowing depth:1 cm
Plant spacing:30-10 cm
Row spacing:Bladdill 30-40 cm, Krondill 40-50 Cm
Germination time:10-20 days
Height:80 cm
Plant location:Sun
Seeds/g:600-700 Seeds

Cultivation advice


Sow thinly about 1 cm deep directly in the plot as soon as it is ready, a little later for dill heads in southern Sweden. Dill can also be sown in the autumn (the seed must not sprout) for an extra early harvest the next year.


Keep 30- 40 cm for leaf dill and 40-50 cm for dill heads, which should also be a few cm away from its closest neighbours in the row. Leaf-dill can also be sown by scattering the seeds over a seed-bed.


Pick the leaves gradually during summer and autumn. If the whole plant is cut down, it grows back again. The leaves can be dried or frozen for winter really well, but should be harvested before the plant flowers. Dill heads for pickles and preserves should be cut off just before the flowering ends.


 600-700 seeds/g and one portion  sows  5-7 m leaf-dill or about 15 m for dill heads. About 70 g sows 100 m and 25 g for crowns of dill. A portion contains about 700 seeds.