Thyme, organic seeds

Thymus vulgaris

Thymus vulgaris belongs to the Labiateae family with small light-violet flowers rich in nectar. There are many variants of thyme. Some can be sown but most must be propagated by cuttings, parts of roots or slips. The thyme variants come from the countries surrounding the Mediterranean and was given its name in ancient times meaning "˜soul"™ and "˜heart"™. Tea of thyme has been drunk for thousands of years to impart courage and strength and to be freed from nightmares and shyness. It is a perennial, hardy, very branchy, quite low half-bush. Thyme should grow in light limy soil in warm and sunny places and should be renewed after a few years by seeds or cuttings to improve its taste.    Sow shallowly indoors in April and set out when the risk of frost is over with 15-20 cm of mutual space. In the North it should be covered over winter or be a potted plant indoors in a cool and light place. Harvest the top-shoots before blooming. Thyme is used as an herb for almost anything from shellfish and game to jam and fruit salad and soothing, restorative tea.
4000 seeds/g, one portion yields ab. 400 seedlings. A portion contains about 1000 seeds.

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Product number:K590

Latin name:Thymus vulgaris

Botanic family:The Mint family - Lamiaceae


Sorted by size:No


F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:No

Height:20-30 cm.