Stevia, organic seeds

Stevia rebaudiana

Stevia rebaudiana is really sweet. The substance Stevioside is 300 times as sweet as common sugar which makes it an appreciated sweetener the world over. It is used in, for instance, sweets, soft drinks, pastries and numerous health preparations. Stevioside sweetening is used very much in Japan where Aspartam is prohibited. It is, however, prohibited in EU and USA as an additive because the documentation about it is considered insufficient. According to critics this is because of the need the powerful Aspartam industry has to protect its assets. Stevia comes from South America originally and must be pre-cultivated and set out when the soil has warmed up. It does not like temperatures below 10oC. This plant grows ab. 50 cm tall and yields large amounts of sweet serrated leaves which are used fresh, dried, powdered or concentrated in fluid or firm form. It can winter as a potted plant and yield cuttings in spring. Stevioside is a pure health substance. It doesn"™t raise blood sugar but rather stabilizes it. It contains no calories and creates no dependence and counteracts plaque and caries. A ½ teaspoon of powdered Stevia leaves is the equivalent of 2 dl of white sugar. There are recipes on the web. About 2700 seeds/g. One portion contains at least 10 seeds.

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Product number:K543

Latin name:Stevia rebaudiana

Botanic family:The Parsley Family - Apiaceae


Sorted by size:No


F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:No

Height:50 cm.