Clary Sage, organic seeds

Salvia sclarea

Salvia sclarea. Belongs to the labiate family and is a bi-annual, beautiful and fragrant sage, 1 m tall. During the first year it shapes a big, elegant rosette of slightly downy, grey-green leaves. The flower-stems grow up the next year and are full of pale flowers with a sprinkling of pink and violet and a fantastic fragrance of musk. Earlier muscatel sage was used both as medicinal plant and herb for a refreshing eye lotion and as herb in wine and liqueur. Nowadays it is mostly appreciated for its leaves and flowers and fragrance. The flower-stems can be dried as everlasting flowers too. Sow the seeds in hotbeds/pots or directly outdoors in May-June in well-drained limy soil in full sun-light. It usually winters without extra protection against the cold. 250 seeds/g and one portion yields about 30 seedlings. A portion contains about 60 seeds.

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Product number:K535

Latin name:Salvia sclarea

Botanic family:The Mint Family - Lamiaceae



F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:No

Height:100 cm.