Sage, organic seeds

Salvia oficinalis

Salvia officinalis, belongs to the Labiate family and is originally from Southern Europe where green, motley and purple-coloured variants have been grown for a very long time. This is a perennial half-bush with grey-green leaves, usually. Sage plants should be pre-cultivated. Keep 25 cm between the plants!  Cover the sage for wintering in the North and renew it after a few years. The rose-violet flowers are much appreciated by bees. Pick shoots and young leaves for cabbage-, lamb- and mutton dishes and also for salads and fish. The sage prefers to be the only seasoning in a dish and should never be mixed with other (h)erbs.
130 seeds/g and one portion yields about 50 seedlings. A portion contains about 150 seeds.

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Product number:K525

Latin name:Salvia oficinalis

Botanic family:The Mint family - Lamiaceae



F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:No

Height:25-40 cm.