Mexican Tarragon

Tagetes lucida

Tagetes lucida belongs to the composite family. A beloved child has many names, it is also called Sweet Mace, Texas Tarragon or Mexican Mint Marigold. In all of Latin America, where its origins are, it is a well-known plant which is used as herb and tea and also medicinally as stimulant, diuretic and digestive aid. The leaves are a shiny dark-green, a little wider than those of Tarragon with a very marked flavour and aroma of French Tarragon with some aroma of liquorice added. They are suitable for salads and cooking, chiefly fish- and potato dishes. Both leaves and flowers are used for tea fresh or dried. This plant grows upright until 40-60 cm tall with a group of small orange Tagetes flowers on top. Sow the seeds indoors and set out when the risk of frost is over! It is perennial but is affected by our winters. M.T. can winter over indoors if grown as a potted plant. 1300 seeds/g. A portion contains about 300 seeds and yields about 100 seedlings.

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Product number:K460

Latin name:Tagetes lucida

Botanic family:The Sunflower Family - Asteraceae



F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:No

Height:40-60 cm.