Summer Savory, organic seeds

Satureja hortensis

Satureja hortensis is labiate with white or light-violet flowers and is originally from the Mediterranean area where the Greeks named it for the satyrs and used it for aphrodisiac among other things. The Summer savory is an annual, ab. 35cm tall, branched herb with nectar-rich flowers. It should be sown directly and gradually and very shallowly. The seeds need light to germinate but do so slowly. Keep 10-20cm between the plants. The leaves are harvested in sunny dry weather before blooming. S.S. is the bean herb before all else but is also used for seasoning cabbage, lentils, peas, meat and tea. The leaves should not cook along for too long, they grow bitter if they do.
1500 seeds/g, one portion yields at last 2-300 seedlings. A portion contains about 1000 seeds.

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Product number:K400

Latin name:Satureja hortensis

Botanic family:The Mint family - Lamiaceae


Sorted by size:No


F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:No

Height:35 cm.