Hot Lemon, organic seeds

Capsicum baccatum

Is a medium hot, quite early chilli which really tastes like lemon. The ripe fruit is warm yellow, torpedo-shaped and grows 5-7 cm long. The plant grows 35-60 cm tall in plots outdoors and 60-70 cm in green houses. The branches are quite sof twhen young and are excellent for training on a trellis. Hot Lemon with its fresh, hot taste of lemon, is very useful for cooking. The fruit is easy to dry and yields an exquisite chilli-powder which keeps its freshness. "˜The best chilli there is"™, fresh and dried, according to the "Chilli King" Rune Brand at Örtagårdens fröer in Sweden. A portion contains about 15 seeds.

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2 g230SEK
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Product number:7150

Latin name:Capsicum annuum

Botanic family:The Nightshade Family - Solanaceae


Days to maturity:65


F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:Yes