Espelette, organic seeds

Capsicum annuum

Comes from The Basque provinces of southern France. This is one of the most palatable kinds of chillies we have tried, of medium heat with great fruitiness. The fruits are shiny dark-red when ripe, cone-shaped, 11-13 cm long and 4 cm across the hold. This plant grows 60-80 cm tall and during a good summer it yields crops in plots outdoors up to zone 3. Espelette, known since the 1500s, is very suitable for drying and making chilli-powder. A portion contains about 15 seeds.

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Product number:7130

Latin name:Capsicum annuum

Botanic family:The Nightshade Family - Solanaceae


Days to maturity:63


F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:No