Aurora Orach Mix/Tricolor,

Atriplex hortensis

Is a mixture of several variants of Goose Foot with leaves of colours like golden-green, dark-violet, purple and crimson-red. This colour-sparkling mixture is reason enough for growing it here, but the tasty, mild flavour makes it almost indispensible. These plants grow as tall as the red variant. A portion has about 200 seeds. There was a cropfailure in 2011 but it's hopefully back in 2013.

Unfortunately we have not recived organic seeds of Aurora orach mix this season but we have Tricolor instead which is very similar. We are going to use the bags of Aurora Orach mix for Tricolor. 

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5 g75SEK
20 g220SEK

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Product number:6750

Latin name:atriplex hortensis

Botanic family:The Beet Family - Chenopodiaceae



F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:No