Purple Top White Globe, organic seeds

Brassica rapa

Comes from a selected strain of Purple Top egg turnip which was introduced in 1880, it is still one of the most frequently grown egg turnips. The uniform, round roots are white below ground and lightly red-violet above. Purple Top is vigorous, sound and hardy and can be allowed to grow a little larger than other sorts without becoming spongy. It has tasty leaves as well and can be stored for a few months in a cellar. It is very good for souring. A portion contains about 300 seeds.

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20 g90SEK
100 g230SEK

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Product number:5750

Latin name:Brassica rapa

Botanic family:The Mustard Family - Brassicaceae


Sorted by size:No

Days to maturity:50


F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:No