Catalogna Frastigliata, organic seeds

Cichorium intybus var. foliosum

This lettuce-chicory is also called "™Italian Dandelion"™ with long dark-green, deeply cut leaves with a white juicy nerve in the middle, resembling dandelion leaves. They can be harvested as baby plants as well as fully grown with stronger flavour. The flower stem is used as asparagus. Plants, sown in summer, can winter over. Catalogna has a milder bitterness and is late blooming. A portion contains about 500 seeds.

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Product number:4010

Latin name:Cichorium intybus var. foliosum

Botanic family:The Sunflower Family - Asteraceae


Sorted by size:No

Days to maturity:40


F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:No