Blue Hubbard

Cucurbita maxima

Is a very old, large, hardy sort for storage. The fruits with their smooth, but undulating, hard, silver-blue peel, weigh between 2 and 15 kg. They taper off towards the points and have a thick, orange-yellow, smooth flesh of fine quality and flavour. B. can handle a cooler climate than most and may yield a good harvest in the far North.  A ripe Blue Hubbard can be stored for up to a year. Big seeds.  A portion has about 7 seeds. 

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20 g235SEK
100 g645SEK

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Product number:3885

Latin name:Cucurbita maxima

Botanic family:The Squash Family - Cucurbitaceae


Days to maturity:105


F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:No